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Introducing Cuberoo: an agency with a digital focus based in Bloemfontein; geared to help clients globally. Cuberoo boasts fast turnaround times, affordable options and creates results driven campaigns. We help future-proof businesses by positioning & sustaining them for relevance and beyond.

Change is uncomfortable, but absolutely necessary when you want to take things to the next level. More often than not thought leaders need to be change agents. So it only makes sense that when it happens that like minded people connect and work hard on a clear vision they have the ability to create great. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce that “Mindshift 2.0” and “The Marketing Department” have decided to merge to do just that – create great.

How? Our services help businesses decode digital so they can harness what it’s capable of doing. With a deep understanding of Web Development, Social Media, Digital, Consumer Psychology, Business & the integration of all these elements we’re the agency you’ve been looking for. Cuberoo is more than a business; we become an extension of yours and immerse ourselves in your industry to add depth to campaigns & brands.


“The future is only scary if we avoid it” – But not when we create it.    


Deeper relationships between brands and their customers have proven time and time again to lead to brand loyalty and a greater lifetime spend.  Too many brands these days are just using social media as another place to push their brand messages. We believe social media is uniquely suited to allow brands to really connect with customers on a deeper level—and to do so, we create content that speaks to the passions of your audience—so they don’t just see your message but want to engage. Our clients range from large established companies to start-ups and small local businesses who are striving to expand. Our specialty of connecting brand, culture, and commerce has earned us a reputation for doing award-winning work across multiple categories.

It’s no secret that the way business is done has changed and that brands can now harness the power of digital or get left behind. With the emergence of the internet and social media, every business has the opportunity to create their own platform to send their messages, engage with their customers (current and potential) and to create massive awareness. However; executing this effectively is a completely different story – which is how this started: three people in a room who realized they had the same vision and understanding of the digital landscape and how to execute on this in a time such as now.


Lawrence Lackey, Pieter Strauss & Nadia von Maltitz started two separate agencies with similar visions but merged to combine capabilities and increase their offering. What started out as two competing companies became something bigger – a movement.


Snapchat, Social Media
If you were getting bored from Snapchat’s current features, a new way to create custom, exclusive Stories may draw you back in.

Snapchat wants to help you make your Stories a bit more exclusive. On Tuesday, the social media platform introduced “a new way to create custom Stories,” which can revolve around just about anything. So whether you want to Snap a wedding, your vacation, or just your afternoon with friends, create a custom Story just for the ones you love.


The new Story format is meant to make sharing around specific events a more seamless process. Starting Tuesday, iOS users can create global, geofenced stories with specific friends. Just tap the “Create Story” icon in the upper righthand corner of the Stories screen, name it, and then invite the folks you want to take part in your Story. The app will automatically create a one-block geofence around your current location.

To create a custom Story, tap the new “Create Story” icon in the top-right corner of the Stories screen. Give your Story a name and then invite the friends you want to participate — no matter where in the world they live. You can choose to either geofence or story or keep it open — if you opt for the former, only your friends (or friends of friends) within a one-block radius can contribute to your story. This could be useful in aggregating all the action happening at a specific event, like a birthday party.

Alternatively, you can create a non-geofenced Custom Story, in which you simply invite the people you want to be able to view and contribute content. And don’t worry — those groups can be mutually exclusive (though they don’t have to be). While you can only create up to three custom Stories on your own, there is no limit to the number in which you can participate.

If no one contributes to a custom Story within 24 hours, however, it will disappear, maintaining Snapchat’s trademark ephemerality. So if you’re in search of new ways to share your experiences, custom Stories just may be the tool you have been waiting for.