Everybody gets exactly what they need – not more and never less.

We’ve developed an approach to shaping digital strategies for our clients that focus on obtainable results.
Built on the foundation of objective based marketing, we focus on your quantifiable goals and define a plan
to achieve them.


Digital measures never stand for themselves alone, but always follow an objective. They are meant to inform and inspire people or encourage them to click the buy button. As consultants, we not only have an eye on design and technology, but also on the bigger picture. Our services therefore also include the planning of your online strategy as well as analysis and monitoring.


For us, each project is unique. This is why we place value on well-conceived planning that is understandable to all and on a clear outlook on the product. How do our customers’ target groups tick? How does the brand find clear expression in concept, design and user experience? Which underlying technical conditions do we need to take into account? The more precise we are when stepping in, the better the result and the higher cost security there is in the entire process.


User experience – in all that we do, we focus on the users and their abilities, habits and expectations. Because we are serious about this, we ask future users to test our work in progress in meticulous detail. This is the only way to create interactions and interfaces that users appreciate for their simple handling and high quality.


One of the greatest challenges for digital design lies in the growing diversity of digital devices and the range of operating systems and screen resolutions linked with this. We never look for the one solution to cover everything, but for the best one for each device and use case. A website or application’s responsive behaviour shouldn’t stop with the layout. This is why we also always take navigation, contents and handling into account.

For us, each solution is unique.


Don’t kid yourself, Internet Marketing is not for the timid, and neither is success. Your competition is using every possible advantage they have and you should be, too. That’s why you’re on our website, reading about Cuberoo, Central South Africa's premier Digital Marketing Agency. Let’s get together and we’ll tell you how we can help you move to be a highly successful and digitally-native organization.

Managing projects efficiently

A sophisticated process. made simple.

Our skills

We unite all skills from the first idea to the rollout. You can step in at any time according to your requirements or approach us for individual services, too.


  • Usability evaluation

  • Consulting services

  • Information architecture

  • Wireframing

  • Digital strategy


  • User experience design

  • User interface design

  • Responsive web design

  • Creative direction

  • Digital branding


  • Technical planning & consultancy

  • Prototyping

  • Frontend development

  • CMS-systems

  • Search engine optimisation

Digital Strategy_

Digital Strategy is at the heart of our business. Using our proprietary methodologies and tools we develop digital strategies that are tailored to our client needs. Typically, these would include a Digital Vision, set of Strategic Priorities and roadmap to ensure digital success for your business.

Digital Audits_

Assessment of all existing and planned digital activities resulting in a report that summarises assets, aims, user base and opportunities. Information is gathered through stakeholder interviews (internal and external), analytics and desktop research.

Digital Brand Index_

Covering every aspect of your brand on-line, and incorporating the entire consumer journey – from search, to site, to social, to display, to purchase – our Digital Brand Index benchmarks you against your competition and best practice inside and outside of your sector.

Social Media_

Utilising a number of social media listening tools we analyse your brand against the competitive set. Used to create a Social Influencer Map and engagement tactics for your business that provides a springboard for social media strategy and engagement.

Content Strategy_

Tried and tested tools, frameworks and measurement processes to develop and deliver content that is right for your business and will deliver against business and brand objectives.

“How to Guides”_

Covering a range of digital topics (e.g. search, social, e-commerce, programmatic media, influencer engagement, user experience and customer experience mapping, brand monitoring etc.) our ‘how to’ guides will build internal capability and help you to work with external providers, including how to brief and manage agencies.


Based on an assessment of your current business, and an agreed future state, we will help you to develop a transformation plan that includes organizational structure, mindsets and capabilities, and systems and processes.


With our guidance, you will be able to look at your Analytics dashboards and know with certainty what the right decisions are for your business. You will know which paid social campaign worked and which radio ad didn’t, you’ll know how much to budget for your digital spend next year — you will be able to see the direct impact of every Rand you put into your marketing.

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