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If you think it’s by sheer luck that brands become iconic think again.

The most powerful brands in the world have a few things in common – of which constant innovation and genuinely providing a service and product unmatched in either price or quality (sometimes both) is another. However, even if a brand is consists of all these qualities it won’t help much if we don’t see or hear of them. This is why branding, marketing, and the media play such a big role in our lives and in business.


Studies have shown that businesses that stopped marketing during recessions to cut costs failed whilst those who kept on marketing had a much better chance to survive.


Remember; we live in a unique era, where even the smallest of businesses have equally as much of a chance as huge corporations to create massive followings on Social Media or to launch aggressive Search campaigns. It’s easier to be seen, but harder to get noticed. It requires unique and tactical approaches and the following essential factors to help your brand stand out and get seen:  


  1. Consistency

Trust is built on brand consistency. Do you have a CI (Corporate Identity) guide? Is your logo displayed the same way, always? Do you keep only with your specific brand colors? Do you know what tone your businesses use? Are you formal or informal? When a brand knows exactly what it stands for, what it delivers and what its mission is it will be able to feed you the same information. If you change your brand too much it might seem like your brand is having an identity crisis which won’t build much trust.


  1. Relevance

What’s trending right now and what are the trends coming up? Do you fit in with popular culture? If your brand doesn’t keep up and doesn’t make an effort to understand what’s happening in the world you might lose relevance.


  1. Uniqueness

What makes your brand different and stand out; or rather what is the one thing your business does better than anyone else? When everyone in your industry does something in a certain way ask yourself why? Explore if there’s a better way to do it and be the company that always goes beyond and simplifies difficult tasks. This is how innovation is born and innovation needs to be as much a part of your business as it should be a part of your branding and approach to marketing and communication.  


  1. Simplicity

The monkey brain. Yep, that’s a full sentence and if you don’t understand what that means let’s elaborate. Humans instinctively go for things that are easier to understand and will take less effort on their side. This isn’t based on anything other than sheer logic. If you have a choice between two companies for a loan, the requires you to fill out 5 questions and the other 25 questions we will tend to go for the first one. No one has time anymore and everyone has options. So make whatever you do, be it your logo, your branding, your message simple and striking.


  1. Mission

What does your company do other than make a lot of money? Is there a deeper mission, a purpose that you believe in that can pull you forward and make you want to be successful? If so great, this is what will make your customers raging fans, they will know they are also contributing and helping you in making the world a better place. If not, strongly consider it, even if just as a Corporate Social Responsibility project, chances are while you make the world a better place, you will also experience a deeper level of fulfillment whilst giving consumers a reason to believe in what you do even more.


  1. Depth of Consumer Understanding

Who do you serve? Do you fulfill their needs or is there something else that they need? Listening to your consumers should be at the core of what you do. As businesses, we often make the mistake of selling our services, all of them, to a client, when they need our services in a different way. Listening and understanding people and what it is that they need will be the differentiator between having constant clients, returning clients and raging fans and having dissatisfied, disloyal complaining customers.


In conclusion: Be consistent, communicate simply, stay relevant, have an inspiring mission and serve people well and when you’d like to delve deeper and understand the Branding, Digital and Marketing world a little better give us a shout and we’ll become an extension of your business helping you reach better and bigger heights.